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Pokemon Emerald Version

Pokemon Emerald Version

Pokemon Emerald is one of the most famous Pokemon game. You can play Pokemon Emerald ROM on any Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac device. To play this Pokemon Emerald Game you must have a gaming console or Pokemon Emerald emulator.

Pokemon Emerald

  • File Name: Pokemon Emerald Version
  • Year: 2005
  • Platform: GBA, Android, Mac, Windows, iPhone
  • Region:  USA
  • Type: Role-playing game

Pokemon Emerald ROM was developed to play on Emulators. Pokémon Emerald is an addition to the Pokémon series. It was created for the Nintendo GBA and released in November 2004. The game takes place in the Emerald region based on the Kanto region from the original games. The player starts out as a new trainer and must battle their way through various gyms and cities to become the best trainer in the world. You can play Emerald ROM on any Gameboy Advance emulator. As the real game was developed for the GBA console. So many developers developed the ROM version of the file. If you want to play the game on any other devices then you must download Pokemon Emerald ROM to play.

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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough

The Emerald Walkthrough will guide you through the entire game, with tips and help along the way. This walkthrough is meant for novice players, so feel free to follow it closely. The first section of the walkthrough covers the basics – from starting your adventure to catching your first Pokémon. After that, we’ll move on to more advanced tips and advice.

Emerald was released in 2004 as an enhanced remake of Ruby and Sapphire. Like its predecessors, Emerald is a third-generation game that takes place in the Hoenn region. Players control a young Trainer who sets out on a journey to become the Pokémon League Champion. There are many new features in Emerald, including a Battle Frontier and new legendary Pokémon like Jirachi and Deoxys.

The game can be played on either a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP.


The story of Pokémon Emerald is set in the Hoenn region and revolves around the efforts of the player to thwart a plan by Team MagmaOR/Aqua to use a device called the Meteorite to cause a volcanic eruption or tsunami. The player’s starter Pokémon is chosen from among Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip. The player travels across Hoenn, battling Gym Leaders and other Trainers, while encountering and defeating Team MagmaOR/Aqua members. Along the way, the player learns about the Legendary Pokémon GroudonOR/KyogreAQ and their conflict with each other. After defeating all eight Gyms, the player challenges Norman, Wally’s father and Gym Leader of Petalburg City. Upon defeat, Norman gives the player his / her first Badge, and Wally catches up to become the second rival.

How to play Pokemon Emerald on Android and Windows?

You can play Pokemon Emerald on Android and Windows devices with Pokemon EMerald ROM and Emulator.

Which is better Pokémon Ruby or Emerald?

Pokemon Emerald is more famous and most played then Pokemon Ruby.