Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario Bros 2 ROM
  • ROM: Super Mario Bros.
  • Size: 75KB
  • Release Year: 1988
  • Region: USA,Europe
  • Genre: Platform
  • Console: NES
  • Playable Devices: Android, iPhone, Windows
  • Supported Emulators: Mesen, ‎Nestopia, ‎Jnes, ‎Fceux
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Super Mario Bros 2 ROM is developed to play on Android, Windows and iPhone with an NES emulator. Super Mario Bros. 2 is a Platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released in North America on October 9, 1988, and in Japan on October 23, 1988.

Super Mario Bros. 2 is the sequel to the 1985 hit platformer Super Mario Bros., and features similar gameplay mechanics and level design. However, Super Mario Bros. 2 introduces a number of new elements to the series, such as a world map, multiple playable characters, and power-ups that can be used to change the gameplay.

Super Mario Bros. 2 was a commercial success, selling over five million copies worldwide. The game has been praised for its innovative gameplay mechanics and level design, and is considered one of the best games in the Super Mario series.

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