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Pokemon Leaf Green Version

Pokemon Leaf Green

Pokemon Leaf Green Version is a GBA Game. If you want to play this game on Android and Windows then you must have a Pokemon Leaf Green ROM and GBA emulator.

Pokemon Leaf Green

  • File Name: Pokemon – LeafGreen Version
  • Console: GBA
  • Platforms: Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone
  • Year: 2004
  • Region:  USA
  • Type: Role-playing games
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Pokemon Leaf Green Version ROM is playable on Emulators. In 2004, Nintendo released a remake of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games on the Game Boy Advance called Leaf Green. The new game featured updated graphics, new areas to explore, and many other changes. Some of the most notable changes were the ability to catch all of the original 151 Pokemon in one game, as well as the inclusion of a new legendary Pokemon, Kyogre.

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